Kent on the whole has borne the brunt of a whole lot of human activity across the ages … as different peoples have arrived from the rest of Europe.

From Neolithic times Boxley was a significant site. It is believed that even 6000 years ago, it was already at the crossroads of important routes running East to West (the Pilgrims Way / North Downs Way) and North to South (the Old Chatham Road, the A229). And of course, the position between London and the rest of Europe has since led to development of the M20 and more recently the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, which skirts the South Western edge of the site on it’s route through to the North of Kent.

Whilst the building of the CTRL was hugely intrusive to the natural landscape, the archaeology that took place before the tunnel was built, led to some amazing discoveries, confirming this as a very significant place since Prehistory.

Through the iron age, Anglo-Saxon times, the age of Pilgrimage, droving, limekilns, quarrying, battles and wars, Boxley Warren has seen it all!  Click on the panels below for more information about each topic.